Why I Have No Juneteenth Post (yet..)

Why I Have No Juneteenth Post (yet..)



First things, Happy Juneteenth to everyone reading this, regardless of the date.

After finishing spring semester of school, I began my planning for second half of the year for wäne and one of my biggest goals was to work on projects that I have more of a connection past just "this fabric is cool" and really trying to get a better grasp on what I want wäne to be moving forward cause I can't sew scab patched forever. 

With this (restriction/constraint???) on my projects this summer, i have dreamed up and drawn so many different ideas for what I want to do and have added so many things to the plates. I want to:

  • get back into spraypaint/stenciling work with pants
  • finally make and designing my own patterns for shorts, skirts, pants, zip ups and quarterzips
  • introduce speciality work pants
  • a bunch of essential wäne wear- cargos, shirts, bag, hoodies, sweats etc.
  • 5 new iterations of wäne wear and scab patches
  • start an entirely new line and expand the website to include my vintage business

While also trying to figure out how to become a better editor, director, photographer with new ideas for each thing I post. I have had my hands full juggling all of these ideas, but I hope to be able to start releasing previews soon

 My personal standard for my work is to make something that I am proud to put my name on. Because I do everything for wäne, I feel connected with each piece individually. I spend countless hours with every single piece I make not just on sewing it, but cutting, washing, storing, advertising, measuring, listing, and eventually packaging it to be sold. I see every aspect of the process of every piece I work on go from start to finish, which makes me want to do my best possible work because what sense does it make to spend 6 hours on a hoodie, just to give it a lazy photoshoot and some boring cookie cutter reel.

Even though my work isn't perfect, I can look back at every single wäne post to this point and proudly point to that as "what I do" and that's what I try to hold my work to. 

I was really excited to make a graphic for Juneteenth this year so I took no time to make sure I got a good graphic but I had no clue the direction that I wanted to go for the shoot. I didn't want just make the tee to make money, I wanted to say something with how I advertised the shirt. A lot of the ideas just felt like parodies and nothing really original so I was stuck. The lack of direction while having to keep working on everything I already wanted to left me without anything that I wanted to post.

Ultimately, I still want to release the T-shirt and simply put the advertisement on hold until I can give the shirt its proper love. I feel like it would be stupid to just not release entirely just cause I'm picky (I also really like the graphic so no way I'm sitting on this for another year). 

shoots/bumpers coming soon(ish) 



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