wäne steps into the box in the midst of a 40 week slump

wäne steps into the box in the midst of a 40 week slump

Man it has been forever since I even looked at my blog section but now that I've found it again, y'all won't be able to shut the door.

As I'm sure y'all have noticed wäne has been a little "lazy" as of late, especially in regards to releasing full collections and new content. I've been kind of complacent with the work I've already done and overly anxious on showcasing new work due to having very unrealistic expectations for the results. I've been stuck in a phase where my passion hasn't diminished but my confidence has been at rock bottom, making it hard to see the good in the work I've been doing. Iid feel frustrated when the video I wanted to make didn't come out looking like an Oscar winning short film. I'd scrap entire shoots and projects just because I didn't like the lighting or I felt stupid looking back at it. Id hold my still very amateur work to the standards of seasoned veterans and then get annoyed when my work wouldn't measure up. ( I'm also not even a film/videography guy, why the hell would I hold myself to such a high standard when its not even my field).


This feeling of "my work/ content needs to be flawless on all levels (concept, executions, showcasing etc.)" has been the camel on my back for the last 8 months. Ive been working consistently through this period but every project i'd work on would remain unfinished due to me not "getting it right". This stupid ass mindset has been the bane of my creative existence and i'm finally coming to terms with it and just giving myself the grace to make a mistake. At the end of the day, these are glorified instagram and Tik Tok ads and while that's not an excuse to produce low effort content, these same videos im stressing and losing sleep over are the same videos someone is watching during their daily toilet time. realizing that perspective has made my work so much less stressful and moe rewarding. Rather than treating wäne like a garage kept Porsche, I need to start treating it like a shitbox that can take a beating but keep moving.


No idea how many people will make it to the end of the this but thank you to all of y'all still supporting wäne in the meantime. The few bright spots during this slump has been the love and support I've received from y'all. Seeing the genuine excitement about not only the clothes im making but the brand I am building makes me proud beyond measures. thank you from the bottom of my heart.


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